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cookies here, cookies there, cookies, cookies everywhere

I managed to make four kinds of cookie dough this weekend. Baked three of them. And made a batch of truffles. Most are on their way to the freezer. Some will be on their way to Youngest Daughter in a small care package. The truffles are Minty Cream Cheese Truffles. These are delicious. I made […]

sunday was busy, too!

Back to work on Sunday! Genny worked on the tree all day. She has it almost done. Just a few more details. I made four kinds of truffles and then spent the day rolling them while talking with Genny. The whole house smelled like chocolate. Melted chocolate and heavy whipping cream…all you need for Chocolate […]

a busy saturday

My sister Genny came today to work on the chalkboard Christmas tree. She brought me mums in these colors. And an autumn angel… While she chalked, I made cookies for the Christmas Open House in December. Of course, when baking Christmas cookies, you should use your Christmas measuring spoons. I started with one of my […]

31 jars of fig jam

Home canning is something I enjoy. I love to make jelly and jam and canned apples, canned peaches, etc. Today DH and I worked together to make 31 jars of fig jam. This is the recipe I used: How to Make Fig Preserves/Jam I left out the cinnamon. For the pectin, I used Ball Real […]

beefy (or chicken) cheesy tomato soup

A few weeks ago, I included in my week’s menu the link to Beefy Tomato Soup. When it came time to make the recipe, I didn’t have a few items, so I revised the recipe. As I often do. And, of course, I used a small amount of dry onion rather than fresh due to […]

mints and almonds

After making Minty Cream Cheese Truffles and Almond Truffles, I was hoping to bake Mint Meltaways today, but DH says the freezer is full. We’ll have to eat the turkey before I can get anything more in there. Minty Cream Cheese Truffles. Really good. You can find the recipe here: Minty Cream Cheese Truffles Almond […]

rollin’, rollin’, rollin’…

Anyone feel a song coming on? Haven’t thought about “Rawhide” for a long time! But, (big surprise), I wasn’t moving cattle today. I was rolling truffles. First, I scooped them. Then I rolled them. Raspberry Truffles on the left and Mocha Truffles on the right. Tomorrow I will dip the mocha in chocolate and the […]

this and that…

Today was a bit chilly, but the skies were blue and the sun was shining. Works for me. It did put me in the mood for homemade chicken soup, so I made some this afternoon. A nice warm treat on a chilly day. We were out of bread, so DH kneaded a batch. I formed […]

twenty jars of spiced apple slices

I have always enjoyed home canning. Today I was able to share that with my Eldest Daughter. She hadn’t helped with canning before, but she was a trooper. Stuck with me until the end. Even through a couple of mishaps. But we did fine. The apples were beautiful. I used Jonathans. There were a couple […]

ham, bean, cheese soup

The menu said “Fridge Food,” which usually means “open the fridge and see what you can find.” But the weather is cold and I wanted something nourishing and warm. After perusing the fridge, I decided to use the food I found to make soup. That was ham and leftover deer sausage. I had chicken stock, […]