niko explores

Yesterday and today, we put Buttercup in the basement for a while, and let Niko roam around the house. He was happy to be out of the bedroom.

In the kitchen, he stood at the back door and watched the outdoor cats.

watching the outdoor cats

He thought DD’s school book bag was full of interesting smells.

checking out DD's book bag

This evening Niko sat on DD’s lap for a long time while she told him good night.

sweet kitty

saying goodnight

We’ve had a busy day. I painted several pieces of furniture and Russell painted in the addition. We settled on a wall color…I’ll take a picture tomorrow. I forgot to today! The oak flooring was delivered and will be installed next week. It has to acclimate to the house before installation. Someone from the counter top company came and made a template for the bath and laundry counters.

We’re making progress on the remodel. I think we’ll be ready for the twins’ visit the end of the month. At least in the addition. DD’s room is going to take a while longer!


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