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the old closet is on its way out

Today, DD spent a lot of time emptying her closet and her room in preparation for the removal of the old closet. DH began the demolition this evening. You can see the new blue color on the wall and the old brighter blue on the closet. He says the walls are coming down easily. Dad […]

drapes in the guest room

Redecorating the guest room, which was such a priority just before the holidays, has slowed way down. Thank goodness! I have been enjoying some time off from that project. I was just in there, though, sitting in the comfy chair, pondering some rearranging. I realized I hadn’t shown you the drapes! Laurie, my very sweet […]

under construction

DD’s room will take a while to complete. The two level bed/book nook is about half done. Next will be the cubbies/steps to the second bed and then the new closet. This wreath hangs on the current closet door. The pink tree turned out very cute! Not sure why DD didn’t want it on a […]

dd’s room in progress

I know it’s crazy to try to get some of this stuff done before Sunday, but DD has been SO patient and looked so forward to having her room remodeled, that we want to see what we can finish before the open house. The carpenter told us he could have the bed done in time, […]

dd chose the colors…

In the midst of everything else, we are painting DD’s room. She will be eleven soon and chose these colors. Aqua blue, bubble gum pink, and a touch of lime green. The woodwork will be glossy white. We have a carpenter building a double decker bed (ceilings are 12′). He hopes to have the bed […]

fabric for the guest room

Genny and I ran to the big city yesterday to look for fabric for the guest room. The walls and ceiling are blue and the hall walls are yellow with a blue ceiling. I’ll post the pics larger than usual, so you can see the prints well. The large floral will be used for curtains. […]

floor tile in the bathrooms

The tile installers have been here all day. I took a few pictures while they were at lunch. The tiles are installed in the downstairs bath, but not yet grouted. Upstairs, they have just started putting down the tile. They will be back tomorrow to work on the third bathroom. I’ll be glad when the […]

new tile in the downstairs bath

The new tile in the bath was grouted yesterday, in the midst of getting our son and his family packed and on the road. The tile guy did a great job. The medicine cabinet goes back up tomorrow. The tile goes around the window, over to the tub. The view out the bathroom window…the trees […]

new counters!

The new counters were installed in the downstairs bath and the laundry room today. They look beautiful! While the installers were working on the counters (took about five hours), I watched the twins in the kitchen. I worked on drying more parsley, among other things. The counter tops are Caesarstone, a quartz composite. The color […]

slowly moving back in

The renovation continues. The new floors look great. We are beginning to move some things back into the addition. And even set up the crib in anticipation of our grandbabies being here next week. The towel cupboard is back in the laundry room, but I haven’t restocked the shelves yet. It will be a few […]