A quick kitty post, then I’m off to bed…

Niko enjoys a head scratch. Some days he seeks more attention than others. He likes to be around us all the time, watching what we’re doing, but he isn’t real cuddly most of the time. Note the cat fountain in the background (never thought I’d own one of those!), but he has been happier since we got it. He no longer cries for drinks from the sink. 🙂

Niko enjoys attention

Happy never sat on this little ledge when the table was in the dining room. Now the table sits in the front hall.

happy's perch

Niko is under the dining room chair, while Buttercup sits in the window, watching him. Buttercup follows him around the house and keeps an eye on him. They haven’t become friendly yet, but they do tolerate one another pretty well.

buttercup keeps an eye on niko

The kitchen room was once an enclosed porch. This window, which looks from the dining room into the kitchen was once a window to the outside, prior to the porch. It makes a great pass through for food…and cats…

buttercup in the kitchen window

The second day of the house tour went very well. I’ll post about that soon!



  1. Posted December 14, 2008 at 6:25 pm | Permalink

    Hi Rhonda.
    I attended your open house with my Mother on Saturday afternoon. Your home is beautiful, and I must thank you for all the great decorating ideas that I came away with.
    Kelly from Red Bud

  2. ~~Rhonda
    Posted December 14, 2008 at 8:57 pm | Permalink

    Kelly, thanks so much! It’s great you were able to come over for the house tour! We had quite a crowd. It was great fun to talk to everyone, to see their reactions to the trees and decorations, etc. I hope you’ll stop by the blog often! ~~Rhonda 🙂

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