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bits from the yard

I’ve had to spend a few days with my leg up, due to some swelling, but this evening I managed to get outside for a little while. It was a beautiful day and I didn’t want to miss it. I checked the veggie garden. The radishes are getting bigger. I broadcast the lettuce seed and […]

pretty spring day

This afternoon, DH and did a little yard work. That means DH shoveled a lot of mulch and I got to drive the mower, pulling the wagon. The redbud trees are at their peak of perfection right now. The Virginia bluebells look so pretty in the evening sunlight. This was taken from the back yard, […]

saturday yard work

We spent a lot of time outside on Saturday. One of the big jobs was burning the brush pile. With 3.5 acres to groom, we can accumulate a lot of debris over a season. Some goes to the mulch pile, but branches go to the brush pile. I wish I’d taken a picture of it […]

goodbye winter…hello spring

This morning, from the kitchen window, I could see that the apricot trees had burst into bloom overnight. I could smell them from the back door. And just outside the back door, the row of daffodils has suddenly blossomed. The star magnolia is another bloom with a wonderful scent. Such a beautiful blossom. Last year, […]

looks more like fall all the time

While I mowed the yard today, I was struck by how “fall” everything felt. The low temps, the smell in the air, the crisping leaves, the autumn flowers… Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ The cabbage white butterflies were hard to get a picture of. They can’t sit still for long. The Buckeye butterflies seem to prefer the […]

the garden in transition

The yard is moving from spring to summer. The soft colors of irises and peonies will soon give way to the harder yellows and oranges and reds of daylilies. I must say the peonies have been holding onto spring. We’ve never had them open so late. And seldom have any blooming now, but some, like […]

walking the yard

DH and I love to walk the yard. And if we say, “No computer while we’re out,” DD will tag along. 🙂 Not to mention all the kitties. The peonies are beautiful right now. Most are caged to keep the blossoms up, but those that aren’t have fallen with the rain we had Sunday evening. […]

church picnic

Each year in May, we host a spring picnic for our church family. Yesterday the weather was great, the yard was at it’s iris peak and everyone had a great time. The irises are 10-14 days later this year than usual, so the timing was perfect. I don’t think we’ve ever had the picnic right […]

yard work

Wednesday DH and I were able to do a little yard work. It consisted mainly of cutting up and carting off the pear tree and the broken limb on the mulberry. We also mulched a couple of beds. The pear tree fell over after the ground became saturated from all the rain we’ve been having. […]

around the yard

Last year we had a hard freeze in April that decimated the iris blooms. This year they must be making up for that as they are loaded with blossoms. If we get no rain next week, the yard should be gorgeous and ablaze with color. The large lilacs are done, but the Korean lilacs and […]