bits from the yard

I’ve had to spend a few days with my leg up, due to some swelling, but this evening I managed to get outside for a little while. It was a beautiful day and I didn’t want to miss it.

I checked the veggie garden. The radishes are getting bigger.


I broadcast the lettuce seed and it’s coming up thick. Will have to do some thinning before too long.



The first flush of dandelions has gone to seed.

dandelion seeds

From the veggie garden, the large Southern Oak looks beautiful.

Southern Oak

Bunches of grape hyacinth are blooming all over the yard. Each year, they spread a little more.

grape hyacinth

The daffodils under the Southern Oak are giving way to the purple blossoms of the honesty plant.

back yard

The redbud trees are still in full bloom. I was afraid we’d missed the peak of the season while we were gone, but not so. I like the way the flowers cluster along even the limbs of a redbud tree.

redbud tree

The blossoms on the dogwood north of the fenced garden have turned a creamy white.

dogwood tree


Judd viburnum…there’s no describing the heavenly scent.

Judd viburnum

In the fenced garden, the dwarf Iris ‘What Again’ is blooming. This little iris is about 8″ tall.

Iris 'What Again'

DH spent some time weeding and putting down mulch.


Layers of newspapers go down first, then mulch is spread on top the paper. The paper provides an extra barrier to weeds and eventually decomposes into the flower bed.

spreading chips

spreading chips

Did I tell you? I love spring!

view of east porch


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