kitchen snowflakes

The kitchen is decorated with snowflakes and icicles. This collection continues to grow. Each year new ones are added and older plastic snowflakes are removed.

snowflakes and icicles

We have four south facing windows and two east facing windows, all topped with a garland that is lit with blue and white lights. The snowflake ornaments hang from the garland.


snowflakes and icicles

Our friend Gary made this beautiful ornament for me, along with quite a few others. It is made from the glass from a lamp made for me by a friend in 1972. The lamp had come apart and Gary used the glass to make these.


snowflakes and icicles

I love the look these ornaments give the kitchen.

Several years ago, I was in a Christmas store and saw ornaments hung from the ceiling with mirrored garlands. I took that idea and used mirrored garlands to hang snowflakes from the 12′ ceiling in our kitchen.

ceiling snowflakes


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