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it may be winter outside, but..

I have a bit of spring inside. Every year, sometime in late January, we cut forsythia branches to bring into the house to force the bloom. It usually takes 11-14 days for the blossoms to pop out. Forsythia is easy to force. Cut some branches, put them in a vase of water and wait two […]

when it looks like this outside…

Outside, it’s cold and snowy and harsh. And, no, I didn’t go outside to take that picture. I took it right through the window, screen and all, from my cozy perch in the scrapbook room on the second floor. Outside looks rather uninviting to me! So I stay indoors, enjoy my homemade toasted roll topped […]

i’m ready for this…

Is it fair to jump straight from Christmas joy to spring joy, skipping the January/February days of grey? The first crocus last year was found in our yard on March 3. You can’t imagine how we scour the yard for these little guys…the first one up is a reason to celebrate! This picture was taken […]

snow ice cream

With all that snow on the ground, we had to make snow ice cream, didn’t we?? Yes! I perused several recipes and decided to give this one a try ~ Snow Ice Cream. DD measured one cup of heavy whipping cream. We whipped it until it held soft peaks, adding two teaspoons of vanilla and […]

all that white stuff

We had four or five inches of snow over three or four inches of sleet. I don’t plan to go out and measure it myself, I’ll have you know. Inside is the place for me. But DD is having lots of fun out there. This AM she went sledding with her dad. Then he pulled […]

a splash of red

This beautiful amaryllis bloomed while we were in Florida. Thankfully, the blooms last a long time and it is at its peak right now. So pretty! Many stores have these bulbs on clearance right now, as they had been stocked for the holidays. Check them out. Open the box before you buy. If the stalk […]

winter and spring…ebb and flow

While we were in New Orleans the first part of January, home actually had some temps in the 70s. We got home in time for winter. On the thirteenth…sleet. DH and DD had a ball. Four days ago, I was glad to see the sun shining and the daffs coming up. Now we’re shivering under […]

doin’ donuts

We were on the north edge of a winter storm Monday. Ended up with one inch of solid sleet. Today (Wednesday) it’s still a solid sheet of ice. Tomorrow’s temps are supposed to be in the low to mid 50s, causing a lot of melting. With the second “snow day” off school and DH’s day […]

the last of winter, the first of spring

I have a vase of forsythia on my kitchen table. Such a beautiful preview of spring. It’s on its way, even for those of us with freezing weather, snow, winter… Next to the forsythia is the last of our amaryllis blooms. They were at their best while we were in New Orleans last week. Eight […]

sledding ~ her way…his way…

On Saturday, we had ice, then snow. Yesterday, DH, DD#3, and DD#2 went to our friends’ home to try the hill behind their house. They had a great time. I stayed home where it is warm and cozy. 🙂 Last night, DD talked DH into going outside around 7:00 and DH pulled her all around […]