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Christmas prep over the weekend

Genny arrived Saturday morning and we started on our Christmas preparations. I began by mixing together ingredients for two kinds of truffles. Almond Truffles and Raspberry Truffles. Both are easy to make. Later in the day, after the chocolate had hardened a bit, I used a small cookie scoop to portion out the centers. Then […]

this week’s Christmas cookies

Today I made three batches of cookies for the freezer in preparation for our annual open house in December. I made Holiday Oatmeal Icebox Cookies. I usually roll these into logs and roll them in green and red sugar. Today I just added coarse green and red sugar to the batter. I used a cookie scoop to […]

two Christmas trees started over the weekend

Yes, we’re putting up Christmas trees already. That’s just the way we roll around here. We do a lot of decorating, so we need to start early if it’s to be a pleasant experience! This past weekend, my sister came to help. We put up the “glass tree” which is an artificial tree decorated completely […]

checking in…

Update from my house. I haven’t done any crafting this week at all. I’ve been sorting boxes. Yes, mostly dull work. But a few surprises. During July I had help from my sisters, Genny and Margaret, to go through the attic, sorting boxes, pitching, donating, packing the kids’ stuff into taped-shut boxes for deportation to […]

two story putz house

I drew the pattern for this Putz house in 2012. It remains one of my favorite patterns. The tree is decorated with red, glass pearl beads, faux snow and white glitter. The Christmas card I used to make the base features snowmen and peppermint letters. I used red and white striped chenille stems to embellish […]

back to a simple putz design

I went for a very traditional feel with this mini Putz house. I had made a base from a long Christmas card and wanted something traditional to go with the very traditional feel of the card. I also wanted to make a mini Putz, so this card was perfect as there is little wiggle room […]

is my putz house style evolving?

Recently, I have made a few Putz houses that are more complicated than I usually make. Most often, I stick to a style of house that is approximately three inches wide and about an inch deep. More or less. But I’ve made a few houses based on the houses pictured on Christmas cards and some […]

a simple putz house for a long card

This is another card that I have held onto for a while, waiting for the right inspiration to use it as a base for a Putz house. It has a simple design and needed a simple house. This is what I came up with a few days ago. The blue is Apple Barrell Blue Cotton (21886E) […]

light teal and lilac putz farmhouse

I like to use upcycled Christmas cards to make the bases for my Putz houses. I often use a house or barn pictured on the card as inspiration for a Putz pattern. I had this card set aside for quite a while because I wanted to draw a pattern for the farmhouse. I finally took […]

little red schoolhouse putz

I haven’t made a Putz schoolhouse before, so I looked online for some inspiration. I found a picture of the Kelley Historical Museum Schoolhouse. I based my Putz on the design of that schoolhouse. The base is 6 1/4″ wide and 4 1/4″ deep. The Putz is 4 1/2″ tall as measured from the bottom of […]