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tutorial: attaching putz fence and fence posts to the base

This post supplements a tutorial I wrote March 8,2012, about making fences for Putz houses, and a post I wrote March 16, 2012, about making fence posts for Putz houses. I had promised to write a tutorial about attaching fence posts and fences to bases, and started it, but didn’t finish it till now. I […]

tutorial ~ make a box using a Christmas card

I have made little boxes from Christmas cards for a long time. Easy to make and useful, besides! I use them as gift boxes for small items, to fill with goodies to tuck into stockings, to wrap favors for guests, etc. Use your imagination! I’m sure you can think of many ways to use these […]

mid century putz houses

As you may know, our son and his wife were here this past week from Seattle, Washington. We had a great visit. The day after the Open House, we had a family Christmas with them. Everyone was here and it was a lot of fun. We exchanged gifts with them, as they will not be […]

christmas open house 2014 ~ downstairs

A beautiful day for a great open house. We had about 190 guests. A few drove quite a ways to be here and we thank them for that gift. It was wonderful to see you! We thank everyone who had a hand in getting ready for this big day. My sister Genny, my daughter Sarah, […]

christmas tree countdown ~ the twins’ tree

Our youngest daughter switched bedrooms and we decided to turn her previous bedroom into a room for the twins when they stay overnight. The built-in bunk beds are perfect for the girls. The room was painted blue, with a green ceiling, and some brown trim around the bed. Because Snow White LOVES! pink, we decided […]

menu plan monday ~ december 8, 2014

We had a big day yesterday. About 190 people attended our annual Christmas Open House. Thanks to all who came. We so enjoyed seeing you, meeting first time guests, and enjoying the holiday spirit with everyone! Next post is about that! Our younger son and his wife are here from Seattle, Washington. They will visit […]

christmas tree countdown ~ living room tree

DH took this picture of the tree in the living room. This is our family tree. It holds the kids’ ornament collections, our family ornaments, the ornaments the kids’ have made during grade school, etc. It is beaded with a double strand of red beads, decked with popcorn and cranberry strings, and finished with silver […]

christmas tree countdown ~ chalkboard tree

This is the third year in a row that we have done a chalkboard tree. The chalkboard is in the room we call the “music room” because that’s where our piano lives. The chalkboard is painted on the wall with green chalkboard paint. It is a bit over eight feet tall. The ceilings are twelve […]

christmas tree countdown ~ blue and silver tree

The Christmas tree in the downstairs bedroom has been dubbed “the blue and silver tree.” It is located in the 1960 addition to the original house. This addition has 8′ ceilings, so the tree is 7′. It is decorated with mostly silver ornaments, many of them with an old-fashioned theme, and some blue ornaments. It […]

christmas tree countdown ~ ornament tree

The ornament tree is in the craft room. We’ve had it for several years. This year it displays 60 of the ornaments I’ve made using the pictures from Christmas cards. Twenty-some trees to go. I’ll post another one tomorrow. ~~Rhonda