christmas tree countdown ~ the twins’ tree

Our youngest daughter switched bedrooms and we decided to turn her previous bedroom into a room for the twins when they stay overnight. The built-in bunk beds are perfect for the girls.

The room was painted blue, with a green ceiling, and some brown trim around the bed. Because Snow White LOVES! pink, we decided to paint the green with pink. Here’s what it looked like “before,” when our friend Paul was building a banister for the bunk beds earlier this year.


And “after” the green went pink. The green ceiling stayed green.


Snow White is all about blue, so the blue walls were right up her alley. I put pink curtains in Rose Red’s bed and blue ones in Snow White’s bed. We also put pink curtains on the windows and rolled out a new rug for the floor. And I had to come up with a new tree idea for this room. I have always wanted to do a tree with a spiral of color and thought this would be the perfect opportunity. The tree is nine feet tall, the ceilings are twelve feet (perfect for the built-in bunks!). My brother and his wife gave us this tree when the lights quit working. Genny and I took all the pre-lit strings off and redid the tree with warm white LEDs.

twins' tree

Our middle daughter, who has been a wonderful helper this Christmas season, made this large wreath to hang on the wall over the twins’ dresser.


And a smaller wreath to hang on the door to the bedroom.

twins' door wreath

DH put up the circle garland around the room. I made that in 2011 to hang in the dining room windows.

"snow tree" in the dining room

All in all, the girls’ room came together very well. They love the new touches and the spiral tree was very popular at the open house. Last, but not least, Buttercup thinks it’s a great place for a catnap.

twins' room

Only fifteen days until Christmas!


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  1. Genny
    Posted September 17, 2015 at 9:24 pm | Permalink

    I forgot about the paper garland at the top of the room. It looks nice. The tree turned out well, didn’t it? Their bunks are adorable.

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