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open house 2016 ~ part three

Welcome back to the open house tour. If you would like to read the two previous posts, here are the links: open house 2016 ~ part one open house 2016 ~ part two We left off with only the addition left to see. The addition was built onto the house by the previous owner as […]

christmas open house 2014 ~ downstairs

A beautiful day for a great open house. We had about 190 guests. A few drove quite a ways to be here and we thank them for that gift. It was wonderful to see you! We thank everyone who had a hand in getting ready for this big day. My sister Genny, my daughter Sarah, […]

open house 2012

I asked a young friend to take pictures at our annual Christmas Open House last week. She did a great job. Guests sign in as they come through the front door. The living room tree holds our family ornaments. It’s nine feet tall and sits on a two foot high box that DH made for […]

annual Christmas open house

Well, gang, it’s done for another year. The open house was held last Sunday, and it was another great success. We had a wonderful time. Many guests told me the open house opens their own Christmas season each year. I’m always happy to hear how much everyone enjoys it. Here are a few of our […]

Christmas open house

As usual, we did not take nearly enough pictures. We were having too much fun visiting with our company. My son took many of these shots for me just as the party was getting underway. Living room A gaggle of great guys in the living room. And time to catch up with friends. Dining room, […]


The Christmas open house invitations are done! Yeah! ~~Rhonda ::happy::

open house invitation

I’ve been working on our Christmas open house invitations. I like to finish them in August when it’s usually too hot to be in the garden and before we begin decorating for Christmas in October. Once the decorating starts, I don’t have time to sit in the scrapbook room doing detail work. And when November […]

open house invites

We have hosted an annual Christmas Open House for about 20 years. I’m not sure when the first one was, though I do know we held it for missionaries our church supported. The open house became an annual tradition. I told DH we’d have a hard time canceling it at this point because people would […]

open house

We made it! About 10:00 this morning, I was pretty sure we wouldn’t! I think this year was the hardest to pull together of any we’ve done. I guess renovating, a son’s wedding, and babysitting one year old twins doesn’t help make Christmas prep any easier! But with the tremendous help of my sister Genny […]

a good time was had by all

We really had a wonderful time at the open house yesterday. Many thanks go to all those who helped, especially my sister Genny who comes several times each year to help decorate, set up trees, cut greenery, etc. Though by Saturday I was wondering (as I do each year) if we would be able to […]