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acrylic paints for crafting

I’ll start by saying this should be titled “MY experience with acrylic paints for crafting” because that is all I am bringing to the table. I don’t know which brands are considered best by the general crafting community. I don’t know how long paints are “supposed” to be kept, when it is recommended to discard […]

why i haven’t been crafting this week…

I have had a lot of issues with my legs, especially my left leg, over the past few years. One of the things it has kept me from doing is climbing the stairs to the second floor where my wonderful craft room is. The ceilings in our house are twelve feet high and that makes […]

new decoupage ornaments

I worked on decoupaged ornaments today. I have a Ziploc bag full of Christmas cards that I think would be good for this method. Today, I pulled out three of them and made these ornaments. This is the front of the ornament I call “Let it Snow.” And the back… The Christmas card I used […]

picture puzzle blocks 2

Wednesday afternoon, my friend Tricia came over and we worked on picture puzzle blocks together. I made a set four years ago. The tutorial is here: picture puzzle blocks This time, I made a set with pictures of the twins. The blocks still need another coat of Mod Podge and then a sealer. I’ll get […]

craft desk tour part 3 ~ extra storage

I started this blog post to tell you about a few more ways I store embellishments near my craft desk. I got a little off track talking about the room itself and how it’s set up. Bear with me and I’ll get to the point eventually… You may want to read the top of my […]

craft desk tour part 2 ~ drawers

Yesterday, I gave you a tour of my craft desk. Just the top because the post got so long. Today you get to see inside the drawers. This was a good exercise for me because I had to clean them out and straighten them a bit before I could take any pictures. Believe me, they […]

the top of my desk where the crafting happens

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned how I use plastic drawer stacks to store some of the floral embellishments I use on the Christmas shadow boxes. Today I thought I would write the first of a couple of posts to show you how I’m storing all the embellishments I’m currently using. First of all, I’m not […]

tutorial ~ make a box using a Christmas card

I have made little boxes from Christmas cards for a long time. Easy to make and useful, besides! I use them as gift boxes for small items, to fill with goodies to tuck into stockings, to wrap favors for guests, etc. Use your imagination! I’m sure you can think of many ways to use these […]

decoupaged Christmas card ornaments

I’ve been crafting my way through a lot of old Christmas cards lately. I am grateful to all who have donated used cards for my crafts. I’m always looking for more. If you have some you want to be rid of, send them over! The Christmas card shadow boxes have been a lot of fun. […]

Christmas card shadow boxes

I’ve had a lot of fun the past few weeks working on little shadow boxes made from Christmas cards. Follow this link to a tutorial for making the boxes. I’ve learned a few things since I posted the tutorial. First a few tips, then a few samples of what I’ve been doing. I now make […]