apple pickin’

Last Saturday (seems like weeks ago) we went to the orchard with our son and his wife. It felt great to leave town for a while, getting away from the remodeling work. It waited for us, no problem…

She’s twittering. 🙂

oct 2008 027

The trees were loaded…

oct 2008 047

…and the apples were beautiful…

oct 2008 045

…not to mention delicious.

crunchy good

The sky was blue and beautiful with big fluffy clouds.

oct 2008 114

Just enough to take home.

oct 2008 153

DD picked out a tiny pumpkin.

pickin' a pumpkin


oct 2008 128

Looking for Granny Smiths.

oct 2008 159

DD found a new friend…Sammy, the orchard kitty.

Sammy, the orchard kitty

On the way home, southern Illinois through the windshield.

autumn fields

The worst case of wind-blown corn I’ve ever seen. This wind damage was caused by leftover winds from Hurricane Ike. We saw a lot of damaged fields. This was the worst one.

wind blown corn

There will be no combining of the above corn. Looks like a loss. But we saw lots of combining being done. Here, the farmer is harvesting soy beans.

combining soybeans

It’s always good to get back home, even if it means getting back to painting.

late afternoon sun


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