corn maze

While we were out east visiting our family, we took everyone to a corn maze one afternoon. It was a beautiful autumn day. Sunny, but coolish.

The twins had a ball, running around, picking up walnuts, looking at pumpkins, and riding the toy tractor.

fall fun

aunt and niece

Checking out the maze map.

checking out the maze map

Heading into the maze.

headed into the maze

corn maze

Walking a maze makes you thirsty!

thirsty girl!

I tried to get a picture of our three daughters and three grand-daughters together, but twins wanted nothing to do with such foolishness. They had things to do and places to go!

and they're off and running!

My camera was on the wrong setting when I took this picture, so the color is awful, but I’m posting it so you can see the awful bridge we had to cross to get to and from the farm. One skinny lane, and the railing on the right side of the picture was totally pushed over into a horizontal position. Yikes! And I’m *sure* there was an ogre nearby…

terrible bridge


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