Monthly Archives: July 2009

there’s still a lot of color in the garden

Now that the weeks of daylily blooms are almost over, I think there isn’t much blooming until I get out into the garden. After he got home this evening, DH and I took a spin around the yard. Yup, there is still a lot of color out there. There are surprise lilies all over the […]

menu plan monday ~ july 27, 2009

Can’t resist showing you Buttercup’s new costume, designed by DD. Who’s the coolest cat around? That would be Buttercup, the rapper cat, complete with bling! I must say, besides being totally cool, Buttercup is totally patient! She takes it all in stride. Monday hamburgers / buns chips / dip grapes Tuesday spaghetti / sauce garlic […]

friday garden time

Just a quick stroll through the garden to see what there is to see. We have a bed next to the blue spruce that hasn’t received much attention. It’s out of the way, in a spot we don’t regularly walk by, so it is somewhat neglected. But there is a nice tangle of flowers in […]

beautiful weather, beautiful flowers

DH took DD and her friend to Six Flags today. They had a nice day for it. And, according to the occasional updates I’ve been getting, they are having a great time, too. I’ve certainly enjoyed a nice quiet day at home. I mowed the entire yard. Then said goodbye to my mower as it […]

flashback to springtime

Gardening Gone Wild is hosting the Picture This Photo Contest for July. The theme is “flowering trees.” I perused my photos and settled on this one of the redbud tree east of the side porch. When we moved into this house, there was one redbud tree. DH planted more and now we have twenty plus […]

july garden weather that feels like october

The air was damp and chilly today. Hard to believe that in July we would have the air conditioning turned off for days in a row. And who would believe we would need to close the windows against the chilly air. But we did! The garden has enjoyed all the rain we’ve had for the […]

bicycles in RAIN and a daylily garden in the rain

We spent the past weekend in Indiana, where DH completed his best time for RAIN (Ride Across INdiana). The bicycle ride is 160 miles in one day, from Terre Haute to Richmond. DH finished in 9 hours and 46 minutes. The weather was perfection with a high around 70* and a nice tail wind that […]

i don’t think this is summertime…

The weather this weekend is gorgeous. Not regular July weather at all. I think the high today was all of 76*. What’s with that?? We would expect it to be much warmer. But I’m not complaining! It was a beautiful day and Saturday is supposed to have a high of around 70*. Wow. As we […]

wednesday is garden day

More than most other days of the week, Wednesdays tend to concentrate on the garden. DH is off work (other than spending much of the morning doing paperwork) and we often host plant sales on Wednesday afternoons, as DH is here to dig for our customers. It’s cloudy today and only 75*, though humid. Sprinkled […]

unusual weather for july

We’re enjoying this unusually cool weather. July tends to be hot and humid. Today, I think we had a high of 79* and the sun peeked out just once at the end of the day. Most of the day, though, was cloudy in the garden. After all the rain we’ve had, the weeds are tall […]