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menu plan monday ~ august 31, 2009

Monday chicken salad sandwich chips Tuesday sauteed sea scallops stuffed with basil cheese tortellini peas spinach salad with strawberries Wednesday tacos Thursday crock pot BBQ chicken / homemade buns corn on the cob Mexican Chopped Salad Friday Chicken Caesar pitas Saturday fridge food Sunday spaghetti garlic bread peas corn green salad You will find more […]

pumpkin cake and a birthday party

We traveled to my sister’s house to celebrate our mother’s birthday. I made a white cake with chocolate ganache frosting and a pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting. Several people asked for the pumpkin cake recipe, so I’m posting it here. Pumpkin Cake Mix together: 2 c. all purpose flour 2 c. sugar 1 tsp. […]

open house invitation

I’ve been working on our Christmas open house invitations. I like to finish them in August when it’s usually too hot to be in the garden and before we begin decorating for Christmas in October. Once the decorating starts, I don’t have time to sit in the scrapbook room doing detail work. And when November […]

menu plan monday ~ august 24, 2009

Yesterday, company came over to visit for a few days. A dear friend I haven’t seen in probably 25 years. It is so good to see her again, to reminisce about college days, compare time lines of our lives since then, etc. We’re having a wonderful time. She’ll be here until tomorrow morning. So I’m […]

grilled veggies

The weather has turned cooler, so we decided to grill last night. Grilling had been on the menu for Wednesday, but it didn’t work out for that evening, so I had everything we needed on hand. DH was running late with work, so I decided to stick the pork steaks under the broiler to give […]

riding lessons

DD *loves* riding lessons. She thinks it’s the greatest thing she got to do this summer. We’re keeping them up as long as it will work out. She has a great teacher. He’s patient and meticulous about teaching and reviewing the things she needs to know. We thought about doing this last year, but it […]

mexican chopped salad

Last night for supper, we had tacos, tortilla chips with sour cream / salsa, and a Mexican chopped salad. The salad was delicious and we’ll be making it again. It’s especially nice right now when tomatoes and cucumbers are so plentiful from the garden. You can follow the above link to see the original recipe. […]

honey peanut butter cookies

I found this recipe while looking for cookie recipes to try out for our annual Christmas open house. I like something fancier for the party, but DD said we should make them for the open house. If I could incorporate chocolate somehow…. We will certainly make these again. They are delicious. Great honey / peanut […]

menu plan monday ~ august 17, 2009

School starts this week, so the menu has to take that, and several meetings and lessons, into account. DD and I are going to make Honey Peanut Butter Cookies this afternoon. I think the protein laden cookies will be nice for a quick it’s-the-first-day-of-school-and-we-need-to-hurry breakfast snack, along with some fresh strawberries and bananas. Later in […]

cards are done

I spent a lot of time this week working on our Christmas cards. I ordered the cards from Dayspring. We like to use cards that are not only pretty, but share the news of Christ’s birth, and include a Scripture verse. I chose two designs this year. This one and this one. They are signed […]