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july garden weather that feels like october

The air was damp and chilly today. Hard to believe that in July we would have the air conditioning turned off for days in a row. And who would believe we would need to close the windows against the chilly air. But we did! The garden has enjoyed all the rain we’ve had for the […]

today’s garden

I took a few pictures as I mowed this morning. Daylily ‘Cavern’ ‘Jedi Tequila Sunrise,’ daisies, and Lemon Lilies (yellow daylily) The tiger lilies (Lilium Tigrinum) came from DH’s family farm. The hosta ‘Janet’ has thrown an all green sport. We need to separate that and replant it elsewhere. Maybe we’ve got ‘Janet’s Green Sox.’ […]

bloomin’ tuesday

A lot of rain fell last night. There is still water standing in the center of the driveway. DH took this picture this morning from the roof of the house. The rainfall filled the birdbaths. The cats like to drink from the birdbath at the kitchen door. Perhaps they like bird-flavored water? 🙂 Zilli looks […]

bloomin’ tuesday

The weather this week is beautiful. It’s a wonderful change from the rain we had last week. There are so many pretty things to see in the yard right now. We were given this iris at a nursery after seeing it growing on their property in a bit of a slough. They didn’t know the […]