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a walk through the garden

We were gone for five days and when we got back, it seemed the garden had suddenly become lush and full. Perhaps that’s just my perspective, but I think, too, the rain we had gave everything a big push. The fenced garden is already looking overgrown. And I had hoped to plant some herbs in […]

july garden weather that feels like october

The air was damp and chilly today. Hard to believe that in July we would have the air conditioning turned off for days in a row. And who would believe we would need to close the windows against the chilly air. But we did! The garden has enjoyed all the rain we’ve had for the […]

gotta love it

The garden is in full bloom. Daylilies everywhere. ‘Monterrey Jack’ Coreopsis, daisies and purple cone flowers are adding to the riot of color. The elderberries are blooming, too. The new bed in the middle is waiting for the daylilies we plan to buy when we go nursery hopping to celebrate our 32nd anniversary. I need […]

bloomin’ tuesday

A lot of rain fell last night. There is still water standing in the center of the driveway. DH took this picture this morning from the roof of the house. The rainfall filled the birdbaths. The cats like to drink from the birdbath at the kitchen door. Perhaps they like bird-flavored water? 🙂 Zilli looks […]

bloomin’ tuesday ~ after a little rain

I went out to take pictures and got rained out. We had a short downpour and after things cleared up, I went back out. So here are some pics from the garden today. The hosta ‘Samuria’ will be blooming soon. Rhododendron The astilbe is blooming next to the garage, along with the pretty ‘Neon Flash’ […]