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bicycles in RAIN and a daylily garden in the rain

We spent the past weekend in Indiana, where DH completed his best time for RAIN (Ride Across INdiana). The bicycle ride is 160 miles in one day, from Terre Haute to Richmond. DH finished in 9 hours and 46 minutes. The weather was perfection with a high around 70* and a nice tail wind that […]

lots of rain for the garden

We had a lot of rain both Saturday and Sunday. Three inches on Saturday, and probably at least two more inches between Saturday pm and Sunday afternoon. In the early evening, we went outside to catch a few shots via the light of the setting sun. Another lake in the center of the driveway. And […]

rain, rain, go away…

It continues to rain. Yesterday we had 3″. It rained again last night and poured this afternoon as we had dinner. The thunder is rumbling as I type. I took this picture from the front porch yesterday afternoon. The ground was too wet for traipsing through the garden. The tiger lilies are from DH’s family […]


Yesterday morning, the impending weather looked so bad that I gathered DD from school at 10 AM. We spent about forty minutes in the basement, just before noon, waiting out a tornado warning. We did get some high winds and there was some major damage south of us, but the only ill effect for us […]

“be careful driving home in the rain”…

…said my 11 year old when I dropped her off at a friend’s house this morning. 🙂 Practicing her mommy skills, I guess. Dogwood branches in the rain…if it weren’t so chilly out, I’d use my tripod to get a prettier picture. Took this one as I stood under the carport, before dashing into the […]