Monthly Archives: June 2009

not enough time in the garden

Between piano lessons this morning, the mower not starting this afternoon, and softball this evening, I missed a lot of garden time today. How sad is that?? I did get some pictures this evening, just as the sun was going down. Thanks to my nice camera and the great lens DH gave me for my […]

a walk in the garden

Here are a few pictures from the garden this evening. Cooler temps made touring the garden much more pleasant than it has been for more than a week. The daylilies are in peak bloom right now. Beautiful! We’ve had this beautiful daylily for years. We don’t know the name of it so we call it […]

menu plan monday ~ june 29

We have a big weekend coming up. DS#1 and his family will arrive Friday evening for a week of fun!! We are so looking forward to their visit! Just look at these three beautiful granddaughters! The first big activity of the weekend (after unpacking the van, squeezing kidlets, and getting everyone to go to bed […]

new daylily bed is in

The bed for our anniversary trip daylilies was prepared earlier this year. DH sprayed the grass with round up, then covered the bed with several layers of newspaper, and topped it with five or six inches of wood chips. Then it waited…and waited…and waited…until today. 🙂 First order of business was to take a picture […]

happy anniversary to us!

Today DH and I celebrate 32 years of wedded bliss. 🙂 And, as we have the past five years, we celebrated by visiting a daylily farm! We went to Aussieker’s Daylily Farm near Richview, Illinois. Prior to our trip, I spent some time on their website making a list of daylilies to look for. Oh, […]

here and there, in the garden

Last evening, I took a few pictures as we documented “first flower out” on the daylilies. If you don’t know what that means…we keep a record of when the first flower appears on each daylily every year. That shows us this year, for instance, that the daylilies are blooming 5 to 7 days earlier than […]

gotta love it

The garden is in full bloom. Daylilies everywhere. ‘Monterrey Jack’ Coreopsis, daisies and purple cone flowers are adding to the riot of color. The elderberries are blooming, too. The new bed in the middle is waiting for the daylilies we plan to buy when we go nursery hopping to celebrate our 32nd anniversary. I need […]

menu plan monday ~ june 22, 2009

We’ve had a busy week, with a lot of company. DH’s three siblings were all here. Their mom will be 92 this month. It was great they could all be together for the weekend. DH is in the green shirt. We also managed a short afternoon/evening trip to visit DS#2 and DDIL. They closed on […]

just before it rained…again…

I managed to mow the front yard, in spite of the heat and the humidity. And now we’re getting a little thundershower. They pop up this time of day in the summer. Wet, but quick. And they cool the air a bit, so I’m not complaining. I *was* hoping to mow the back yard later, […]

riding lessons

We had a very hot and humid day for riding lessons. The thermometer said 94* and with the high humidity, the “feels like” temp was 102*. Yucky. But DD enjoyed her lesson, none the less. r I’m so glad she has this opportunity. She’s loving it and she’s learning an entirely new skill…something she hasn’t […]