a little yard work

Today is cool and cloudy, a little light mist. We did go out and do about an hour and a half of yard work, but when the mist came up it was too chilly to stay out. Temps are about 60*F.

DH moved the two Paradigm hostas that were sitting too close to the Blue Angel.

moving Paradigm

And he mulched them.

moving Paradigm

A few new irises are out today.

‘Holy Night’

Iris 'Holy Night'

This one came from my mother’s sister. Because we don’t know the name, we call it “Aunt Jane.” It has a smallish flower, but is intensely fragrant. The scent will carry quite a distance. Lovely!

Aunt Jane's iris

Iris “Granny Ellis” ~ We were given this iris from the yard of a dear woman from our church family. Not knowing the actual name, we named it after her.

Iris "Granny Ellis"

Just beginning to open is Iris ‘Fiord.’

Iris 'Fiord'

I bought Iris ‘Clarence’ because that is my paternal grandfather’s name.

Iris 'Clarence'

Iris ‘Sierra Grande’ is a beautiful blossom.

Iris 'Sierra Grande'

‘Michigan Pride’ opened yesterday.

Iris 'Michigan Pride'

As did ‘Mary Frances.’

Iris 'Mary Frances'

‘Celtic Prince’ also opened yesterday.

Iris 'Celtic Prince'

I’ll post other pictures from around the yard later. Right now, I have laundry to do. 🙂 ~~Rhonda

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