Monthly Archives: June 2008

apricot, anyone?

Grandpa picked apricots for Great-grandma and decided to let Tab try one. Wanna try an apricot? Ewwwwww!! What did grandpa give me? ::cough, cough, gag!:: That was yucky! It’s a good thing Grandpa loves me.

baby fun

Entertaining Grandpa after her bath… Great-grandma was very happy to meet great-grandbabies number eight and number nine. Not quite crawling yet. The softsquatch was made by their Aunt Julie. She made one for each and they *love* them! While DH and I helped pot plants for a mission sale, the girls helped by babysitting. They […]

there be babies here

DS and his family are here to visit for a week. We’ve been able to visit them twice since the babies were born, so are glad to have them under our roof for a week. We expected them around 8AM but they were able to leave earlier than planned so arrived around 6:00. I’d been […]

anniversary day

DH and I celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary this week by visiting Wine Country Gardens. We’ve been there several times in the past seven or eight years. We’ve purchased quite a few daylilies from them. This year we picked up only two new ones, but it’s hard to find something different when you have more […]

Menu Plan Monday

It’s the week of VBS, which means supper has to be quick and easy. Monday sloppy joes veggies / chips / dip Tuesday chicken / noodles green salad corn / peas Wednesday leftovers Thursday turkey sandwiches veggies / chips / dip Friday spaghetti garlic bread green salad corn zucchini / yellow squash stir-fry Saturday lunch […]

menu plan monday

I’m trying two new recipes this week. Last week I made Crash Hot Potatoes and they were a huge hit with DH and DD. Crispy and delicious. I’ll be making those again, soon. Monday Sloppy Joes / buns veggies / chips / dip Tuesday spaghetti garlic bread sauted peapods corn spinach salad Wednesday leftovers Thursday […]

father’s day

The day started with gifts for Dad. DD gave him three daylilies, an artemisia, a shovel, garden gloves, and his favorite candy…York mints. Then I made a bouquet for church. The hydrangeas are just coming on, so I used them. The young people hosted breakfast for dads…pancakes, sausage, tater tots, peaches…delish! Have you hugged a […]

world’s cutest grandchildren?

Mine, of course. 😀


Sean Cairns, an art major, had done a sketch of a friend’s house and we asked him to do one of ours. He came by this afternoon and produced this lovely drawing. I asked him to come back when he has time and do a detailed drawing of the front door. ~~Rhonda

menu plan monday

I didn’t post a menu last week as DH and DD were at church camp. That left DD#1 and me at home and we didn’t cook. Just ate as we were hungry. This week, DD has left for NY to go to camp as a counselor and we are back to our regularly scheduled program […]