Monthly Archives: May 2009

a few hosta pictures

At the front of the house…the hosta is ‘Blue Cadet.’ Left to right: ‘Royal Standard,’ ‘Frances Williams,’ and ‘Spritzer.’ On the opposite side of that same bed, this newly placed bench is a nice resting spot. Back yard The large hosta in the picture above is ‘Samurai.’ ‘Squash Casserole’ ‘June’ ‘Fried Bananas’ Hostas under the […]

more flowers from the garden

It’s a busy time in the garden right now. Lots of flowers, lots to see, lots to do! This old fashioned yellow iris is a great performer in the garden. It will bloom continuously for a long time, filling the iris beds with large areas of color. This large white iris was given to us […]

menu plan monday ~ may 11, 2009

We had a great weekend, with company that came Friday evening and stayed until Sunday afternoon. DH’s sister, her DH, their son and his wife and two children were here. Sunday we added DH’s mother, our son and his wife, and a niece. It was fun to have company and we were thankful the weather […]

Mother’s Day bouquet

The bouquet for church this week was full of ‘Miss Kim’ lilac and several kinds of peonies. It smelled SO good! I also tucked in a few sprigs of honesty. The green seedpods looked nice with the pinks and lilacs of the bouquet. ‘Miss Kim’ is a late blooming lilac (our latest) and it has […]


Yesterday morning, the impending weather looked so bad that I gathered DD from school at 10 AM. We spent about forty minutes in the basement, just before noon, waiting out a tornado warning. We did get some high winds and there was some major damage south of us, but the only ill effect for us […]

baby pics

The mother raccoon took two of the babies and left two. We are feeding them until we can get them to a rehab facility. The larger one weighs almost 15 ounces and the smaller one is about 11 ounces. We’re feeding them kitten formula. Julie, as long as they stay healthy, we’ll keep them till […]

look what we found in our basement

Yup. Four baby raccoons. Had to have the furnace man come and extract them from the furnace duct! Now to catch the mama. Yes, they’re cute. No, we’re not going to keep them. ~~Rhonda

menu plan monday ~ may 4, 2009

I hope we can fit in more of this during the week: Monday hamburgers / homemade buns celery and carrot sticks / dip grapes Tuesday tortilla pizzas Wednesday tortellini with asparagus homemade rolls sugar snap peas Thursday Baked Spaghetti rosemary focaccia peas corn green salad Friday spicy shredded pork (I make it in the crock […]

sunday bouquet

Today’s bouquet was made from irises, snowball bush blossoms and pink columbine. It didn’t turn out quite the way I wanted it to, but how can you go wrong with such beautiful irises? 🙂 ~~Rhonda

i wish spring lasted longer

If you’ve read previous posts, you know spring is my favorite time of year in the garden. It’s lush and colorful and full of “new” everywhere you look. Here are some pictures from our spring garden. The fenced garden sits just north of the mulch pile. In the second picture, you can see our mountain […]