menu plan monday ~ may 11, 2009

We had a great weekend, with company that came Friday evening and stayed until Sunday afternoon. DH’s sister, her DH, their son and his wife and two children were here. Sunday we added DH’s mother, our son and his wife, and a niece. It was fun to have company and we were thankful the weather was good! It was the first time DS and DDIL were introduced to the baby raccoons.

Buster is the larger of the two raccoons and he always gives a few big yawns right after waking from a nap.

what a big yawn!

Buster enjoys lunch on the veranda

They both have a soft heart for baby animals, so I was glad we could keep the raccoons long enough for them to see the babies.

Next Sunday, we are hosting the annual spring picnic for our church family, so it will be a busy week of getting ready for that. The menu is fairly easy and we are able to enjoy greens from the garden now, so lots of fresh salad will be enjoyed.

pulled pork
homemade buns
veggies / dip / chips

baby baked potatoes
homegrown salad


chicken in the crock pot
mashed potatoes
corn on the cob
homegrown spinach salad

tortellini with chicken
homegrown green salad
sugar snap peas

fridge food

Sunday ~ Church picnic at our house
potato / sausage casserole
roast beef
steamed green beans
apple cake

You will find more menu and recipe ideas at Menu Plan Monday. It’s a good week to check it out, because Laura is hosting a giveaway. To participate, visit her site and post your menu for the week. You will be eligible to win a prize. See her site for details.


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