Monthly Archives: April 2009

spring rain

The weather has been rainy today, but it’s a slow, off and on, gentle, spring rain. Looking out the kitchen door into the back yard, things look wet, but fresh and new. Every time I walk into the kitchen, I am amazed by all the green visible through the windows. There are four windows over […]

wednesday in the yard

We spent a lot of time in the yard yesterday. DH did have some work related things to take care of, but we still had a lot of time for the garden. The weather was beautiful. Grass was a bit wet from rain the day before and during the night, but I was able to […]

hosta leaves and rain drops

‘June’ is my favorite hosta. The leaves are beautifully streaked and stay pretty all summer long. Hosta ‘Moonlight Sonata’ I didn’t venture into the grass, with the rain we’ve been having, but the tall bearded irises are beginning to bloom. I hope I can get some pictures of them tomorrow. ~~Rhonda

spring bouquet

We try to take a bouquet to church each Sunday when we have flowers available in the yard. Here is the one from last Sunday. The white sprays are bridal wreath spirea. It has purple and yellow irises, the last of the Poet’s daffodils, and some lilac blossoms. It smelled so good! ~~Rhonda

the girlies

DS posted new pics of the twins. Just wanted to share this one with you. 🙂 ~~Grandma

menu plan monday ~ april 27, 2000

Monday tacos Tuesday chicken salad homemade rolls Wednesday BBQ chicken spinach salad corn sweet and sour cucumber Thursday salmon baby baked potatoes steamed sugar snap peas Caesar salad Friday Alfredo Chicken Tortellini green salad garlic bread Saturday fridge food Sunday pork chops in the crock pot rice corn peas stewed apples in the crock pot […]

sweet spring

I did manage to go outside today. Am finally feeling like I’m on the mend, though still do not feel “good.” But being outside for a while improved my state of mind, if nothing else. The Spanish bluebells were in the yard when we bought this house in 1994. There are a lot of columbine […]

spring…up close and personal

Yesterday, I spent about an hour outside. Rode the mower around the yard. Took some pictures. Watched DH plant tomatoes. Even did a little mowing, though it tired me out. I should have stayed indoors because that little jaunt set me back a bit. But I did get some pictures. The first flush of spring, […]

as i passed by

This afternoon, as I prepared to leave the house to pick up DD from school to take her to music lessons, I hoped to get into the yard to take a few pictures. I miscalculated my strength. By the time I struggled down the back steps with my laptop, DD’s guitar, her after school snacks, […]

menu plan monday ~ april 20, 2009

DH and I are both getting over colds. Soup sounds good (and easy) so I’m making that for this evening. The rest of the week is an attempt to avoid beef and eat more poultry. Monday Cheesy potato/sausage soup rosemary crackers Tuesday BBQ pork steaks (oven) baked potatoes asparagus grapes corn Wednesday ham or turkey […]