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Sunday bouquet

Today’s bouquet was made with rhododendron and ‘Goldflame’ spirea. This one went together pretty fast. I used a round crystal bowl to hold it, with floral foam taped into the bowl. I like the way it turned out. The glass votive with a few stray blossoms is courtesy of Rose Red. She likes to use […]

bouquet of peonies

The Sunday bouquet was made up of peonies this week. Five different kinds, though it’s hard to tell from this picture. ‘Raspberry Sundae,’ ‘Sorbet,’ ‘Monsieur Jules Elie, ‘Honey Gold,’ and ‘Festiva Maxima.’ All with a very heady scent, too. DH picked them Saturday evening and the entire downstairs smelled like peonies on Sunday morning. ~~Rhonda

Sunday bouquet

The lilacs are perfuming the yard. Our yard has shrubs from my mom’s yard, my grandmother’s yard, and my mother-in-law’s yard. All went into the bouquet. ~~Rhonda

surprise lilies

The surprise lilies are in full bloom. So pretty! They add a dramatic touch to the garden, springing up suddenly (hence the name). I made a simple bouquet of them for church last Sunday, using glass florist pebbles to hold the stems in place. You can’t sit too close to them, though. The scent is […]

Sunday bouquet

Each Sunday morning, DH picks blooms from the garden and I make a bouquet to take to church. It is my thanks to God for the beauty He has created. This is today’s arrangement. It has purple coneflowers, phlox, daisies and ‘In Depth’ double yellow daylilies. After the church service, we like to pass along […]

recent bouquets for church

The garden is dwindling, but fall is putting out some beautiful color and even some blossoms here and there. Here are two bouquets recently made for church that show the variety still available this time of year. This basket bouquet is made with hydrangeas and sweet autumn clematis. And this burst of fall color is […]

Sunday bouquet

The surprise lilies have been blooming for almost two weeks. Last Sunday the bouquet was made using them (pink), flowers from the ‘Royal Standard’ hostas (white), and some spirea branches for fill. Pretty in pink. With thanks to my honey who goes out into the garden every Sunday morning in search of bouquet blossoms. ~~Rhonda

sunday bouquet

The first church bouquet of the season…made with daffodils and bush honeysuckle stems from our yard. The stems work great in the bouquet, providing structure to hold the daffodils in place. I’m so glad spring is here! ~~Rhonda

Mother’s Day bouquet

The bouquet for church this week was full of ‘Miss Kim’ lilac and several kinds of peonies. It smelled SO good! I also tucked in a few sprigs of honesty. The green seedpods looked nice with the pinks and lilacs of the bouquet. ‘Miss Kim’ is a late blooming lilac (our latest) and it has […]

sunday bouquet

Today’s bouquet was made from irises, snowball bush blossoms and pink columbine. It didn’t turn out quite the way I wanted it to, but how can you go wrong with such beautiful irises? 🙂 ~~Rhonda