Monthly Archives: November 2008

setting up the snow tree

The dining room has a snow theme. The snow tree is a slim 6.5′ tree and sits on an old round oak table in a corner of the room. This year, I put new lights on the tree. When we took the old lights off, I could tell they had been on a long time […]

decorating progress

We have been very busy! Yesterday, my DIL Julie and my sister Genny decorated the nativity tree in the library. The Three Kings’ Tree, also in the library, in the corner by the book shelves is done and looks great. It’s hard to spot the three king figurines in this picture, but I liked the […]

follow up on the peanut butter cup cookies

I made more peanut butter cup cookies today. My dear friend Carolyn had said the recipe reminded her of Moose Tracks ice cream. That made me think the cookies needed a big chunk of chocolate, so I decided to add a Hershey’s Kiss to each one. I waited until the chocolate of the peanut butter […]

Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

Peanut Butter Cup Cookies are easy to make. I do them every year for our open house. There are several people who always ask if I’m going to make them. To make them, you will need: small muffin tins Pam homemade peanut butter cookie dough or ready-made store bought peanut butter cookie dough mini peanut […]

decorating the kitchen

My sister Genny and DD did a lot of the decorating in the kitchen this past weekend while I worked on other things. Brooke had helped me on Friday and we put up new garlands as the old ones were shedding terribly. I made each one long enough to fit each window so they will […]

floor tile in the bathrooms

The tile installers have been here all day. I took a few pictures while they were at lunch. The tiles are installed in the downstairs bath, but not yet grouted. Upstairs, they have just started putting down the tile. They will be back tomorrow to work on the third bathroom. I’ll be glad when the […]

stringing popcorn and cranberries

Saturday morning, my sister and I took about four hours to string popcorn and six bags of cranberries for the living tree. DD helped for a little while, too. This is not quite half the strings we need for a 9′ tree. The 9′ tree sits on a 2′ box, making the top 11′. I […]

menu plan monday ~ november 10, 2008

We are well underway with the Christmas decorating. Remember…we have to start early to have those 20+ trees up in time for our annual open house on the first Sunday in December. I’m seeing a lot of these lately. Keeping in mind how much I need to get done this week, I am planning an […]

living room tree

Last evening I put lights on the middle tier of the 9′ living room tree and today I spent three hours finishing the lights on the bottom tier. Looks great! And it should. I used twelve boxes of commercial grade, 200 count light strings. This tree sits on a revolving stand and makes a beautiful […]

a year old!

The twins went home on Monday, but before they left, we had an early birthday celebration. Panda didn’t seem to care for that first bite of almond flavored frosting, but she got into it. Tabby, not so much. Now they are a year old! 🙂 ~~Grandma