a splash of red

This beautiful amaryllis bloomed while we were in Florida. Thankfully, the blooms last a long time and it is at its peak right now. So pretty!



Many stores have these bulbs on clearance right now, as they had been stocked for the holidays. Check them out. Open the box before you buy. If the stalk is long and curled, pass it up. It may not mature properly. Check the bulb. If it is mushy or smells rotten, pass it by. It’s fine if the stalk has started to push its way out of the bulb. And it may be white rather than green depending on how much light has been available. Don’t let that concern you. It will green up just fine once it is planted.

When we pot amaryllis, we discard the light-weight plastic pots most come with and replace it them with heavy ceramic ones. The stalk will grow quite tall and it can become top heavy when the flowers bloom. A heavier pot will keep the entire thing from falling over. Plant the bulb in the medium included with the bulb. Leave the top third of the bulb above the dirt. Water and wait. You will be well rewarded!

A year ago today…
we were preparing for Melissa’s wedding.

~~Rhonda 🙂

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