savoring every cup

D&J gave me a package of Ballard Blend coffee from the Java Bean Coffee Company for Christmas. It’s the best coffee I’ve ever had. Seriously. It’s organic, fair trade and salubrious, no less. Or so they say. …I had to look that one up…

This morning I brewed a pot and now I’m down to just enough beans for one more round.

morning coffee

It’s been a hectic morning, with the furnace man here to do a seasonal check up, DH in and out, the twins running free, putting together lesson plans and assignments… But now DD is doing schoolwork. DH is outside swinging with the twins. I’m somewhat alone.


A quiet moment for me and I’m contemplating which direction I want to take this year.

A delicious cup of coffee makes the process delightful.


Update…DD went out to take pictures of the twins with Pa and came back with this one…


I’m not feeling so quiet and peaceful! I texted DH to ask him to put that away where they can’t get to it when they are done. I can see the girls helping themselves, if they found it within reach! D&S have been heating the farmhouse with wood. Maybe the twins will take their “logs” home for the fire.

Bye, again… ~~Rhonda

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