spring rain

The weather has been rainy today, but it’s a slow, off and on, gentle, spring rain. Looking out the kitchen door into the back yard, things look wet, but fresh and new. Every time I walk into the kitchen, I am amazed by all the green visible through the windows. There are four windows over the south counter and the door on the south, too, and the view is completely full of new spring green, now that the big oak has leafed out.

under the big oak

The hostas are filling out well, and the columbine and Spanish bluebells are in full swing.

wet garden

This little flower bed sits just outside the kitchen door. We have three birdbaths in the yard, but this is my favorite one.

birdbath bed by kitchen door

The birds use this birdbath, but not as often as the cats do. They find it a convenient watering hole. 🙂

sprinkles in the birdbath


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