sweet spring

I did manage to go outside today. Am finally feeling like I’m on the mend, though still do not feel “good.” But being outside for a while improved my state of mind, if nothing else.

front yard

The Spanish bluebells were in the yard when we bought this house in 1994.

Spanish bluebells

There are a lot of columbine in the yard. They spread beautifully. Not aggressively. They just pleasantly fill space.


I rode the mower pulling the wagon, and DH trimmed the redbud trees. Something we do each spring to keep the way clear for mowing. It’s not much fun trying to mow under them. We took five or six loads of branches to the burn pile.

trimming the redbuds

The bridal wreath spirea is a fountain of white. A picture of our home, taken in 1956, shows a bridal wreath spirea near the east porch. I like having some in the yard again.

bridal wreath spirea

There’s a pretty spot under the apple tree that looks particularly inviting.

under the apple tree

Iris buds are beginning to pop up all over the yard. We’ll soon have other colors than the early purple and the little yellow ones blooming.

early purple iris

It was nice to get outside after being so sick. Still coughing but definitely better than I was.


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