our older son’s wedding

Our son and his fiancee were married on Saturday. The wedding was planned for the rose garden, but morning rain sent us indoors. Afterward, the ground was dry enough for picture taking in the gardens. We have also been having a look at the best wedding car hire options for the UK recently as we are helping with a wedding there soon and they are the best we have found so far.

We arrived on Wednesday and were able to help with a lot of the preparation for the wedding. It was a lot of fun and we were so glad we were able to be a part of the last minute “getting ready.” To those who are thinking of tying the knot soon yet are still struggling which wedding band to choose and where to purchase it, worry not because you can actually buy mens wedding bands online.

We loved choosing the table decorations on wedding linen direct website where we easily made a list that made it faster to organize.

DS#1's family

Our granddaughters…


Panda’s first bite of cake

my first bite of cake...ever

Tabby’s first bite of cake


The first dance ~

the first dance

Big sister helps little sissy with a dance ~

sisters have a dance

Our second daughter, who is a photography major, served as wedding photographer.

DD#2 served as photographer

Panda plays peek-a-boo with her dress ~

DD#3 on the right, and her niece. 🙂

niece and aunt

One worn out little Panda Bear.

Grandma time

Grandpa and Tabby Cat ~

Grandpa and Tabby

After the wedding, we packed the twins and all their stuff into DS’s van and drove them home to stay with us for a week. Exciting times ahead!

~~Rhonda 🙂

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