toffee bar crunch biscotti

I made Toffee Bar Crunch Biscotti for the first time last year. It was a huge hit. There were only two pieces left after the open house.

I made it again today. It’s packed and ready to be taken down to the freezer to wait for the Christmas open house.

The dough spreads a lot while baking. Last year, I made it into two loaves as the recipe called for, but this year I made three loaves, which worked better.

Also, I didn’t use toffee bars as the recipe called for, but used 1 cup of toffee baking bits and 1 cup of mini chocolate chips instead. And I didn’t have butterscotch extract, so I just left that out. 🙂

oct 2008 046

oct 2008 048

Toffee Bar Crunch Biscotti

When they are thawed for the open house, I’ll dip one end of each piece into chocolate.

This recipe makes the house smell wonderful! ~~Rhonda 🙂

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