how did we ever survive it?

We are in the middle of major remodeling of two spaces. One is the addition (added to the house in 1962) which is the guest room, a hall, the laundry room and a bathroom. The other space is DD’s room. And I must say, she is WAY excited about that!

The mess is getting to me. It makes me wonder how we ever survived the two years of constant renovation and remodeling that we did when we bought the house in 1994. When I look back on that, I can’t believe we did it. Someday, I will scan some pictures and give you a taste of what we went through. The entire house was tuckpointed, roofs repaired, all electric, heating, and plumbing replaced, and air conditioning added, all the upstairs floors had to be taken up for wiring electricity, all the floors refinished but three. Two of those rooms had the floors replaced. The house was not on the city sewer system, so we had to have that installed. Not to mention the other one million and one things that had to be done…makes me nervous just thinking about it.

But back to this remodel…

We emptied DD’s room and put all her toys and stuffed animals and paraphernalia into storage boxes. A lot of that went to the attic for the time being. We peeled wallpaper in the addition, and are going to remove the cottage cheese ceilings, then paint woodwork, ceilings and walls. Oak hardwood will be installed. We emptied four closets, cleaned and painted two of them, and are in the process of getting those two finished so all that stuff can be put away. The other two are in the addition and aren’t done yet.

The upstairs hall closet houses four boxes of DH’s parents’ things that we thought should not be placed in the attic where temperatures fluctuate and it also holds cleaning supplies, a vacuum cleaner hose, a few long dresses and a long coat. We got rid of old clothes and miscellaneous things that had been stashed in there. Currently the items that will return to the closet are stacked in the upstairs hall. The closet is ready (fresh white, so nice!) so those things can go back in today. Yeah!

upstairs hall closet

The downstairs hall closet, which is about four by five feet, serves as our coat closet and also stores cleaning supplies and the vacuum hose. The cleaning supplies are stored in pretty baskets on shelves. There are also baskets for electric cords and light bulbs. The closet has been painted. DH sanded and painted the woodwork in the closet today, and removed the baseboards. He is currently removing the vinyl floor and sub floor to prepare the closet for hardwood which will go in sometime in the next few weeks. Once the old floor is out, we can put all the baskets back on the shelves and get them off the floor in the front hall. Yeah, again! 🙂

downstairs hall closet

This afternoon I met with the decorator to pick out the paint colors and look at furniture ideas. DH was glad I chose paint today. He wants to get the addition painted so we can schedule the floor installation (as do I!).

This armoire, which came out of the guest room, was stained. It will go back into the guest room and is being painted white. I decided to paint the interior with the wall color I chose today. The shelves will be white. The bottom section isn’t painted yet, because (with my bum knee) I am not able to crawl down there to sand and paint it. DH will have to do that part…or turn it on its back so I can reach it. 🙂

armoire for guest room

This afternoon the decorator showed me other glass tiles and counter top samples than those pictured below for the guest bath, but I am leaning this way now…the glass tiles are a milky white with blue streaks. I loved them the minute I saw them. And the Silestone counter top is my favorite…dark blue with silver sparkles. If it sparkles, I love it.

guest bath

We are working under a real deadline as we will have our one year old grand-daughters here for a week the end of the month, and we don’t want the mess of remodeling going on while they are here. And, of course, I have Christmas decorating to think about. My usual schedule is severely disrupted with all this work going on. I am hoping to begin on DD#2 and DD#3 rooms on Friday when Brooke comes to help (hear that, Brooke??).

Well, this is a longer, wordier post than I usually write. And it has just a few pics…but I think it helped…I feel a little more in control than I did this morning. 🙂 Writing/typing things down gives me some perspective, I suppose. If you think about me during the next few weeks, please say a prayer that all goes smoothly.

~~Rhonda %-}


  1. Carolyn
    Posted October 3, 2008 at 6:38 am | Permalink

    You really have been busy! I know remodeling is a lot of work …btdt! But you will love it when it is done! I especially love your choice for the bathroom colors!! The floor tile is so elegant! Can’t wait to see the finished project!
    I was reading some old emails I never opened last year when my PC was down … found where you said your son Daniel helped you set up this Blog! What a great job he did!! Here I thought this was all on Flickr! LOL! I couldn’t figure why I had so much trouble figuring out how you did it!
    I’ve missed you online … but I know you will be back full time one of these days … maybe next year?!!!

  2. ~~Rhonda
    Posted October 3, 2008 at 10:59 pm | Permalink

    Thanks, Carolyn! 🙂 Yes, we’ve been very busy. I am swamped. Sure hope it gets done in time. ~~Rhonda :-}

  3. Genny
    Posted October 4, 2008 at 8:14 am | Permalink

    Love the blue and white paint job. Wow. I “have” got to get mine painted !!!

    Are the glass tiles for around the sink in the bathroom? What’s the floor going to be?

  4. ~~Rhonda
    Posted October 4, 2008 at 8:39 am | Permalink

    The glass tiles are for the south wall. I want to do the whole wall, around the window and around the medicine cabinet. I don’t think it will be too much because there is so little wall space. The cabinet takes a lot and the window takes the rest. And the bottom half is all cabinet and wainscot. ~~Rhonda

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