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open house invitation

I’ve been working on our Christmas open house invitations. I like to finish them in August when it’s usually too hot to be in the garden and before we begin decorating for Christmas in October. Once the decorating starts, I don’t have time to sit in the scrapbook room doing detail work. And when November […]

cards are done

I spent a lot of time this week working on our Christmas cards. I ordered the cards from Dayspring. We like to use cards that are not only pretty, but share the news of Christ’s birth, and include a Scripture verse. I chose two designs this year. This one and this one. They are signed […]

a few snapshots from the past few days

Busy! We’ve been *very* busy! Last night, I didn’t have the energy to check email before I went to bed at 12:00. For me, that is tired! 🙂 Here are a few pics from the past few days. Sugarplums Peanut Butter Truffles Genny always decorates the mailbox Young ladies from church came to help. A […]

foam board houses

A few weeks ago, I saw a pretty display in a store. White houses and trees, flat and glittery. I thought, “We could do that!” My sister drew a pattern from the picture I took. She cut the patterns from foam board. The buildings and trees were sprayed with texture paint (which was brown…couldn’t find […]

decorating progress

We have been very busy! Yesterday, my DIL Julie and my sister Genny decorated the nativity tree in the library. The Three Kings’ Tree, also in the library, in the corner by the book shelves is done and looks great. It’s hard to spot the three king figurines in this picture, but I liked the […]

stringing popcorn and cranberries

Saturday morning, my sister and I took about four hours to string popcorn and six bags of cranberries for the living tree. DD helped for a little while, too. This is not quite half the strings we need for a 9′ tree. The 9′ tree sits on a 2′ box, making the top 11′. I […]

gift wrap center

Did you know? Christmas is coming. 🙂 I am already buying gifts and want to be ready when it’s time to wrap them. It’s time to take stock of my gift wrap center and make a list of items I need. Tape? Scissors? Ribbon?…etc., etc., etc. If you don’t have a gift wrap center, consider […]

cleaning is almost there

Sunday is our annual open house and this week is always a busy whirl of “getting things done.” I wish I had more time to post about all our activities this week, but time is running too short for a long computer session. I’m having lunch right now and wanted to post an update. A […]

on to the library

The decorating is proceeding well. We’d be farther ahead if we hadn’t taken a week to visit those precious grandbabies, but one has to have priorities, doesn’t one? The downstairs is done except for the library (which functions as our family room) and the downstairs bath. The lights on the 9′ library tree had to […]

popcorn and cranberries

We made popcorn and cranberry strings this weekend. It’s a family tradition. My mom always made them for our trees as I was growing up, and we have always had them on our living room tree for the 30 years of our marriage. After a long day of decorating, stringing popcorn and cranberries is a […]