on to the library

The decorating is proceeding well. We’d be farther ahead if we hadn’t taken a week to visit those precious grandbabies, but one has to have priorities, doesn’t one?

The downstairs is done except for the library (which functions as our family room) and the downstairs bath. The lights on the 9′ library tree had to be taken off and redone. They were too messy to leave on the tree. Lighting that tree takes about 6 hours. Today we will put the beads, ribbon, and ornaments on it, decorate the counter of the TV cabinet, and do the smaller “Three Kings” tree in the corner. Pictures will be posted later today.

The tree in the downstairs bath is an easy one and won’t take long to decorate. Then we move upstairs. Our bedroom is done, the two baths are done, DD#2’s tree is done, DD#3’s tree just needs the rest of the ornaments, and the tree in the scrapbook room is done. So it’s picking up, cleaning up, and doing the finishing touches on those rooms and we have DD#1’s tree to decorate.

I want all the decorating to be done by Wednesday evening. I need Thursday and Friday for the last minute cookies / candies, and Saturday morning is reserved for decorating the sugar cookies. That will take about three hours. The schedule is tight, but we do have enough time to get it all done.

Two young people from church are coming to help this week. One to clean the yard, rake leaves, pick up trash, limbs, whatever. And the other to clean the entire house on Thursday. It’s wonderful to have their help! Some of my friends from church will also come during the week to lend a hand where ever we need the help. There is always a job I can delegate, so their help is also fully appreciated. And a big thanks goes to my sister Genny who decided to stay an extra two days to help today and tomorrow. Yeah! 🙂

I will check in later with pictures of our progress. Stay tuned! ~~Rhonda

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