slowly moving back in

The renovation continues. The new floors look great. We are beginning to move some things back into the addition. And even set up the crib in anticipation of our grandbabies being here next week.

moving back in

The towel cupboard is back in the laundry room, but I haven’t restocked the shelves yet.

laundry room

It will be a few weeks before the tile floors are installed in the bathroom, so we haven’t started serious painting in there. It was all we could do to finish the other rooms in time for the hardwood floors.

haven't started the renovation in here

DH did paint a test patch on the wall so I could decide on the colors…medium or light on the wall? I think I’ll go with the medium, as shown. The wainscot and woodwork will be painted a glossy white. The wall around the medicine cabinet and the window will be covered with little blue and white glass tiles.



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