Monthly Archives: June 2008


DH and DD spent this past week at church camp. DH is the director, a fact that DD loves. So great to have Dad there when a girl gets tired or homesick or just needs a hug. There were 94 campers and 20 some staff members. The campers enjoyed all kinds of fun activities. Paddle […]

thanking God for His watchful care

Thursday morning, the winds blew and a tree fell…right on Gary and Laurie’s house. At 5:30 AM, while telling Gary goodbye as he left for work, Laurie watched a hickory tree give way and fall on their house. As it came down, it snapped off a second tree which helped cushion the fall and prevented […]

the garden in transition

The yard is moving from spring to summer. The soft colors of irises and peonies will soon give way to the harder yellows and oranges and reds of daylilies. I must say the peonies have been holding onto spring. We’ve never had them open so late. And seldom have any blooming now, but some, like […]