iris season

With the first blooms of the early purple irises, I feel like iris season has officially opened. DH took these pictures this afternoon. The medium height, early purple irises came from DH’s family farm. Other than the dwarf irises, these are the first iris blooms in our yard each year.

early purple iris

early purple iris

‘Baby Blessed’ is a dwarf bearded iris, about 10″ tall. An early bloomer with yellow standards, yellow falls, and white beards. It is one of our best rebloomers, blooming off and on in our yard through the summer and fall.

Iris 'Baby Blessed'

‘Irish Chant’ is one of my favorite dwarf irises. It isn’t a rebloomer, but does multiply quickly. This blossom is just opening. I hope to have a better picture in a day or two.

Iris 'Irish Chant'

The iris season is my favorite part of spring…as much as I like every part of this time of year. 🙂


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