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true confessions

It always take a long time to get Christmas put away. Partly because I love having it up, and partly because the holiday season is so very busy that when it is done, we don’t want to think about the work of taking it all down. But we’re doing pretty well. The only rooms left […]

meet me in the living room at 1:00

Taking Christmas down is a long term project around here. We usually wait until after Epiphany (celebrated January 6) to begin taking apart the holiday decor. The season was so busy that I feel I haven’t had time to enjoy the decorations as much as I usually do. And, if we weren’t planning a vacation […]

putting away Christmas in the downstairs bath

The downstairs bath has a garden themed tree, full of pictures from our own yard. It’s surprising how much bigger that bathroom seems after the renovation done by, we were able to place our Christmas tree down here. The garland is simply silk flowers (red and white carnations and roses) cut apart and tucked […]

putting away Christmas in the living room

A few weeks ago, DH and I took down all the Christmas decorations in the dining room and living room except the living room tree and the window toppers. This week I tackled the tree. It’s a big job. The tinsel has to be removed, the ornaments sorted (ours, the kids’), the popcorn/cranberry strings taken […]

putting away Christmas in the guest room

Because we were gone to New Orleans for a week, I am behind on putting away Christmas. Yesterday I finished the guest room. The room doesn’t have a lot of Christmas decorations. Three boxes hold it all. It didn’t take long to put it away. One storage box is an ornament box, which holds most […]

putting away Christmas in the dining room

It’s that time of year…every room in the house has stacks of boxes. Below are the boxes for the dining room where DH and I worked last evening. DH took the tree off the table in the corner, and I took all the ornaments off it, wrapped them, and put them in their boxes. As […]