house tour

It was quite a whirlwind getting ready for our annual open house last weekend, then the public house tour this weekend. My sister Genny was a tremendous help, coming six weekends in a row to lend a helping hand. Thank you, Genny!

Thanks goes, too, to all our church family members who helped in so many ways to prepare for the house tour. They cleaned and decorated and ran errands and helped advertise and then, after all that (and more!), they served as room hosts during the event. The tour raised $856 for the missions fund at church.

Here are a few of our wonderful helpers.

Brooke greeted our guests and accepted donations at the door. She was a tremendous help for weeks ahead of time, pitching in to help with decorating and cleaning.

dec 2008 001

Dave and several others helped with parking and helped guests with the front steps.

dec 2008 003

We had great help from the young people from church, as well.

dec 2008 011

Janice and Wendy were gracious hostesses.

dec 2008 007

dec 2008 012

Our thanks to all who helped! We love each and every one of you! ~~Rhonda 🙂

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