apple butter day!

Each year, our church makes apple butter as a missions fund project. This year, we made four kettles. I’m not sure what the final count was, but somewhere around 250 quarts and 120 pints.

apple butter day

Laurie checks to see if it’s ready. it ready?

Shawn had some studying to do.

has to study

The kids climbed the old stump.


More checking…

two of four kettles

More stirring…

stirring the apple butter

And everyone wanted to hold the baby. Unfairly, I had just one turn. ::pout::

did everybody get to hold the baby?

More stirring, more checking…

scraping down the kettle

Everyone pitches in.

DH takes his turn

Then it was time to set up the apple butter line.

setting up the apple butter line

Once the jars are poured, they have to be processed quickly.

apple butter line

filling the jars

Kettle full of yum!

kettle of apple butter

The weather was beautiful all morning, through lunch, and into the afternoon. Until we were about ten minutes from being done! We thank God for holding off the rain while we finished.

hurry! it's gonna rain!

solitary seat

Then it was a mad dash for the gym!

caught in the rain

caught in the rain

Apple butter day is always a lot of fun for our church family. We have a great time together…working, playing, eating, talking. I’m already looking forward to next year!


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