31 jars of fig jam

Home canning is something I enjoy. I love to make jelly and jam and canned apples, canned peaches, etc. Today DH and I worked together to make 31 jars of fig jam. This is the recipe I used:

How to Make Fig Preserves/Jam

I left out the cinnamon. For the pectin, I used Ball Real Fruit Low or No Sugar Needed Pectin. For each batch of jam, I used 3 tablespoons of pectin and four cups of sugar.

making fig jam

Our DDIL brought the figs to us when the store she works at had them on sale. Some of the figs had been purchased earlier and were frozen to hold them till it was time to make jam. I haven’t used frozen figs before, but they worked as well as the fresh ones did. They were actually less messy to cut up. I trimmed the stem ends. The skins were thin enough to leave on. I just chopped them and measured out four to five cups for each batch.

making fig jam

So easy to make!

making fig jam

Our usual canning set up. The hot water bath goes to the left on the front of the stove. The fruit cooks on the front right burner and the jar flats warm up on the back right side of the stove. A cookie sheet under the jam jars helps to corral any drips.

making fig jam

Thirty-one jars later…

making fig jam

A fresh loaf of sourdough bread came out of the oven just as we started the first batch of figs.

making fig jam

How providential!

making fig jam

Delicious! I am so happy to have the fig jam made. It’s a favorite of mine. I’d hate to have to face winter without it. 😉

Here’s my post about making fig jam two years ago. fig jam

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  1. Sandra Lyons
    Posted September 9, 2016 at 3:32 pm | Permalink

    So glad that your are feeling better and back doing what you love. Will light a white candle of healing for your father and he’s hoping that he goes through his surgery perfectly.

    I had never had Fig Jam before until a few weeks ago while on vacation with my daughter. We discovered this wonderful Amish shop that make literally 75 kinds of jams & jelly and crackers. Better yet they had a tasting station of every flavor. You could buy tiny sample jars all the way to quarts of whatever flavor you wanted. It was so hard to chose but we kept going back to tasting the Fig and each left with a quart and needless to say about 5 other jars. Right now I am hooked on the Pepper Jelly and the Fig and wish the shop was closer to where I live. You Fig jelly looks yummy and the bread came out perfectly. Now I need to find someone here that sells figs.

  2. Posted September 16, 2016 at 1:54 pm | Permalink

    Sandra, thank you for thinking of my Dad. He is gaining strength and feeling better. Surgery hasn’t yet been scheduled.

    We are eating through the fig jam! I need to get it stored away so it’s harder to get to! 😀 And I wish I could visit that store! I love making jelly and jam and would really enjoy tasting so many new flavors. When my kids were young and we had no extra money for buying fresh fruit, I used to buy grape juice and use it to make grape jelly for the kids. Always a fun project!

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