Monthly Archives: October 2016

cookies here, cookies there, cookies, cookies everywhere

I managed to make four kinds of cookie dough this weekend. Baked three of them. And made a batch of truffles. Most are on their way to the freezer. Some will be on their way to Youngest Daughter in a small care package. The truffles are Minty Cream Cheese Truffles. These are delicious. I made […]

a visit, a putz, and Christmas decorating

It isn’t very often that both my dear daughters-in-law are able to visit us in the same week. Younger Son’s wife was here for the wedding of her cousin and was able to stop by on her way back to the airport on Monday. It was wonderful to see her and to spend a couple […]

sunday was busy, too!

Back to work on Sunday! Genny worked on the tree all day. She has it almost done. Just a few more details. I made four kinds of truffles and then spent the day rolling them while talking with Genny. The whole house smelled like chocolate. Melted chocolate and heavy whipping cream…all you need for Chocolate […]

a busy saturday

My sister Genny came today to work on the chalkboard Christmas tree. She brought me mums in these colors. And an autumn angel… While she chalked, I made cookies for the Christmas Open House in December. Of course, when baking Christmas cookies, you should use your Christmas measuring spoons. I started with one of my […]

new putz house in red and green

Last week I saw a Putz log cabin online that I liked a lot. I thought I had saved it to Pinterest, but can’t find it now. I wish I could share the picture with you. I did decide to make a pattern from it and spent several days, off and on, working out the […]

this year’s chalkboard tree

We have done a chalkboard tree for the Christmas season the past four years. This will be our fifth one. The first one was based on one I saw online. Our chalkboard is eight feet tall. The ceilings are twelve feet. Lots of room to play! The second tree was done with a “Twelve Days […]

menu plan monday ~ october 3, 2016

We raised five Black Swallowtail caterpillars that DH found on the parsley late this summer. Last week four of them emerged. Clark ignored the caterpiller tank until the first one emerged. Then he was totally focused! The butterflies were released as soon as their wings had dried. Clark hasn’t shown any interest in the fifth […]