the rule is jam tomorrow and jam yesterday but never jam today…

…It’s jam every other day. So said the White Queen, but we have enough jam for every single day!

I made strawberry jam last week, and plan to make more tomorrow. Strawberries are cheap right now. Aren’t they pretty?


strawberries for jam

All it took was a couple of pulses in the food processor and the strawberries were just right.

a kitchen tool I love

Filling jars with ruby red goodness.

filling jars with ruby red goodness

Some folks just invert their jars and call them done. I prefer to give them a ten minute hot water bath.

canning kettle

strawberry jam

36 jars of summer yum.

36 jars of summer goodness

Jam and homemade bread. It’s sooo good!

strawberry jam on homemade bread

The Pick Your Own site has great step-by-step instructions for canning and freezing your summer produce.


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