Monthly Archives: March 2016

little blue putz house

Today I worked on the embellishments for the little blue house. Tomorrow, the church. ~~Rhonda

my favorite time in the garden

Spring. What’s not to love?! Star Magnolia Spring Beauties in the green grass. Daffodils in the sun. Grape Hyacinths coming up in the most unlikely places. Bloodroot in the woods. The whitest of white flowers. And Bleeding Hearts, of course. I was six or seven years old the first time I saw Bleeding Hearts. I […]

finishing the blue and green putz house

Today, I continued work on the five Putz houses I have on my desk currently. Last night I left off with three houses and their fences glued to their bases. Today, I glued down the other two houses and their fences. I promised to paint at least one fence a different color than white. Here […]

making fences for putz houses

Today I made fences for some of the Putz houses. You can read the tutorial here: making fences for putz houses I start with 1/2″ strips of cardboard and use punches or scissors to give them some decoration. oration. I used some of the fence posts I made yesterday. The little yellow house got a […]

bases for more Putz houses

I worked on bases for Putz houses on Monday. Took most of the day to finish five. It always takes longer than I remember! All five are completed. Construction, base coat of paint, two coats of sandy paint, and a dip in the fine glitter. It’s hard to tell from the pictures that they’ve been […]

menu plan monday ~ march 28, 2016

We had a fun Easter weekend. Older Son and his family were here for Sunday dinner, an egg hunt and decorating sugar cookies. A full afternoon! The Bacon Brown Sugar Pork Tenderloin was delicious! We will be having this again. And we had nice weather for the egg hunt. We decorated spring themed sugar cookies […]

spring is advancing

Just a quick note. I’ve had a bad cough this week that wears me out. But I am doing what I can. I don’t want to be left behind with spring to enjoy. The yard is full of daffodils and other plants are popping up. The Poet’s daffodils are later than most and the first […]

green ski-slope putz house, finished

In my last post, the little green Putz house was ready to be attached to the base. Somehow I missed taking pictures of the pinning process. This one was pretty easy to pin down, though. This is after pinning and gluing the house. If you look closely, you can see the bead of glue around […]

next putz house is a green ski-slope

I have started the next Putz house embellishment. I thought I took a picture of it before I started, but I can’t find it anywhere. In this photo, it is the green house with pink roof toward the back. I love the ski-slope roof on this one. The first thing I did was to add […]

menu plan monday ~ march 21, 2016

We had a fun weekend with the twins visiting. They had lots of fun on Saturday with Pa. He let them explore the heavens with his phone’s constellation/star finder. Snow White was so excited when she found the sun! Rose Red found the Big Dipper. They found planets and constellations, the Summer Triangle, and stars. […]