bases for more Putz houses

I worked on bases for Putz houses on Monday. Took most of the day to finish five. It always takes longer than I remember! All five are completed. Construction, base coat of paint, two coats of sandy paint, and a dip in the fine glitter. It’s hard to tell from the pictures that they’ve been glittered. In person, they sparkle like new snow.

Making bases

The next step is to make fences for them, then embellishments. I’m looking forward to that part.

Bases and houses

Should keep me busy for a few days!


Another church.

Base and church

Love this shade of blue.

Base and house

I also made a stockpile of fence posts.

Posts for fences

Maybe I’ll paint the fence for one of these houses a color other than white. Check back. I’ll post as soon as I have one done.


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