Monthly Archives: April 2016

spring in the back yard

These pictures were taken in our back yard on Sunday, April 24. The garden changes so quickly this time of year. The Spanish Bluebells were here when we bought this house in 1994. Virginia Bluebells and Hosta ‘Janet’ Spring Beauties are one of my favorite spring flowers. The flowers open up on sunny days, and […]

not so frustrating

Today I had a better day than yesterday. Thankfully! I did finish the other little Putz house. Middle Daughter suggested adding pink to the yellow and I think it turned out very well. I also made a new Christmas card shadow box. It features Mary and Baby Jesus. I was able to add some purple […]

a little putz frustration

Dear Readers, This has been a frustrating day. A month of so ago, I started three little, very simple, Putz houses. I’ve worked on them on and off since then. Put the houses together. Painted and glittered them. Made bases. Made fences. I put them together. Then they sat until this past weekend, when I […]

three more shadow boxes

I haven’t been feeling up to par the past few weeks, but have still enjoyed working at my craft desk on new shadow boxes. Here are three of them. Winter Evening Grandmother’s House Sledding Party These, and other ornaments I’ve made, as well as Putz houses, can be seen in my Etsy shop ChristmasNotebook. ~~Rhonda

Christmas card shadow boxes

I managed to get two Christmas card shadow boxes done today. I have six more in process. I listed these two on my Etsy shop, ChristmasNotebook. The first box uses a Christmas card with a picture of skaters on it. This is a small box. Only four inches wide, three inches tall, including the embellishment […]

menu plan monday ~ april 18, 2016

The weekend was warm but beautiful. Rose Red had fun using Pa’s garden wagon to haul sticks to the burn pile. I have garden pics and twin pics to share, but haven’t had time or the energy to do anything with them yet. Hopefully tomorrow! Here’s the menu for this week. Monday Carry Out Tuesday […]

three new Christmas shadow boxes

Since opening my Etsy shop, ChristmasNotebook, I have enjoyed watching the views add up. I sold one of the listed Putz houses and am grateful for that! I had only one Christmas shadow box listed and it has been favorited more times than anything else in the shop. So I decided I’d better make a […]

menu plan monday…on tuesday

A day late but I did get the menu done. But first a few pictures. Youngest Daughter had prom Saturday night. Here she is with Dad. He just got back from a 55 mile bike ride (bicycle not motorcycle). Doesn’t she look pretty? It was beautifully sunny, but cold outside the past couple of days. […]

this putz house gets pink trees

Middle Daughter brought me some new artificial foliage last week. I was excited to use some of the pink leaves for the background of ths little Putz house. Or is it a church? The houses are so plain looking before the embellishments are added. Bottle brush trees add a lot. And foliage and beads… You […]

the widow’s walk Putz house

I didn’t get much done this weekend as far as crafting goes. I was very busy, though! On Saturday some of the church ladies came over and we pieced a quilt top. That was so much fun that I totally forgot to take any pictures. Saturday, late afternoon, DH’s sister and her husband came to […]