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menu plan monday ~ february 28, 2011

We are thankful we came through the storms last night without mishap. We were up till after 1:00 a.m., though, keeping tabs on the weather. We were ready to dash to the basement if need be, but, needed not. We were grateful our oldest daughter was home with us, and not at her apartment where […]

am i willing?

To open our school day, we have a Bible reading schedule we follow, a devotion at least once a week, and the Westminster Shorter Catechism to memorize. Via email each week, our pastor’s wife sends a copy of the next Sunday’s worship bulletin to those who have asked to receive it. Sometimes I peruse the […]

spring is greening

Sunday afternoon DH and I toured the yard, looking for bits and pieces of spring. Here is what we found. Lots of daffodils coming up. The green spikes are so refreshing after months of brown and gray. And white. Yes! Lovely, green moss on the bricks in the veggie garden. Come hot summer weather, this […]

menu plan monday ~ february 21, 2011

Can you believe we had temps of 70 yesterday? Here? In February? It was enough to coax a few crocus from the ground. So great to see! Monday Spaghetti and Homemade Sauce Homemade Rolls Green Salad Peas / Corn Tuesday Hearty Lentil Soup Cornbread Wednesday Chicken Wraps (We use tortillas instead of pita bread.) Celery […]

that potato and hamburger soup with the french onion dip in it that mom used to make

I looked all over the internet and did not find a recipe for this soup that my mom made during my childhood. So I’m putting it out there. We loved it as kids. And it’s easy to make. It never really had a name. We just called it “that potato and hamburger soup with the […]

are you spring?

We’ve enjoyed a few days of temps in the 60s. I hope you have, too. It’s been a wonderful change from the very cold winter weather we’ve had for so long. DH and I spent some time outside. We picked up branches in the yard…there were a lot down from the ice storm a few […]

a breath of spring

When we returned home from vacation on February 5, DH gathered some forsythia branches and a few redbud branches from the yard and brought them in. He placed them in a vase and we waited. Yesterday we noticed the forsythia has started to bloom. It usually takes ten days for forced forsythia to bloom. We […]

biga bread

We have been making our own bread long enough that we would never think of going back to store-bought. If we do buy store-bought, it’s because we have a house full of company and that’s what they prefer. (Hard to believe, but there are some people out there who do not know what they’re missing!) […]

spring on the inside

The outside temperature may be warmer this week than last, but it is not springtime yet. Getting there, but not quite there. But DH brought tulips to me for Valentine’s Day and they are a great encouragement! How could the heart of a tulip not be cheering? They can’t help themselves. It won’t be long […]

matchy, matchy

I found this in a drawer today… Us…at a college banquet…seems like a long time ago… 1976…I guess that *is* a long time ago… DD thinks Dad has some kind of hairdo, though it’s hard to see in this dark picture… My, what we didn’t know then! It might have scared us off, you think? […]